VM Troubleshooting

If you have questions, issues, or concerns not covered here, please contact us.

Device Not Powering On

  • Check the Power Source
    Ensure the VM is plugged in and that the wall outlet is functioning. Look for any damage to the cord and replace it if necessary.
  • Check the Safety Switches
    The VM has two safety switches that will prevent the device from turning on if the grill or HEPA filter are not properly installed. To test:
  • Remove the HEPA filter.
  • Locate the safety switch buttons on the side of the display and at the base of the HEPA filter ring (see images).
  • Press both buttons simultaneously and check that the display turns on.
  • If the display still doesn't work, Contact Us.

Device Cannot Pair with the Dashboard

  • Check Web Browser Compatibility
    Confirm you are using Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The pairing process is compatible only with these browsers.
  • Check Bluetooth Settings
    The pairing process relies on Bluetooth. Check if Bluetooth is enabled on your computer.
  • Place VM in Pairing Mode
    Ensure the VM is in pairing mode. Refer to the Getting Started Guide for more information on how to do this.
  • Improve Proximity of Computer to VM
    Ensure the computer that you are using to log into the dashboard is within 10 feet of the VM. Make sure there are no physical obstructions between your computer and the VM.
  • Reboot Devices
    Reboot both your computer and the VM. This can often resolve connectivity issues.

Device Cannot Connect to the Network

  • Check Network Compatibility
    Ensure the network is 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. The VM does not support 5 GHz or enterprise Wi-Fi networks with captive portals.
  • Ensure Wi-Fi Network is Active
    Check Wi-Fi is active by accessing the internet or a different application with another device, such as your smartphone.
  • Verify Password
    Use the Wi-Fi password to connect to the same network with a different device, such as your smartphone, to verify if the issue is related to password entry.
  • Move Within Signal Range
    Place the device within a reliable range of the Wi-Fi router to avoid connection issues due to weak signals.
  • Relieve Network Congestion
    Consider restarting your router if other devices also experience connectivity issues.

Error Messages Displayed

  • Reset the Device
    Turn off the device, wait a few minutes, and then restart it
  • Check for Firmware Update
    Check for firmware updates that may resolve software glitches.
  • Check Error Codes
    The VM device may display one or more of the error codes below.
Error Code
Air quality sensor is not responding
Contact Violett for assistance
HEPA filter may be damaged
Reinstall the HEPA filter. If the problem persists, inspect the filter for damage. If the filter is damaged, replace the filter.
UV current is low
Contact Violett for assistance
UV current is high
Contact Violett for assistance
HEPA filter is clogged and needs to be replaced
Replace the HEPA filter
UV module needs to be replaced
Replace the UV module
UV voltage is low
Contact Violett for assistance
UV voltage is high
Contact Violett for assistance
Fan is running too slow
Contact Violett for assistance
UV cannot be turned off
Contact Violett for assistance
Fan is not turning
Contact Violett for assistance
Cannot detect the lid
Reinstall the lid. If the problem persists, contact Violett for assistance.
Cannot detect the HEPA filter
Reinstall the HEPA filter. If the problem persists, contact Violett for assistance.

Device Odor

  • Manufacturing and Packaging Residues
    Newly manufactured devices may emit odors due to the manufacturing and packaging processes. Allow the device to air out in a well-ventilated area before use.
  • Filter Saturation
    If the device is used in environments with volatile chemicals, the filter may become saturated and start emitting odors. Consider replacing the filter if you notice persistent smells.
  • Ventilation
    Improve ventilation in the area where the device is operating. This helps to dissipate any odors trapped within the device or the environment.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Software updates
    Regularly update the device software to ensure optimal performance.
  • Filter replacement
    Replace the HEPA filter, Nanofilter, and Carbon Activated Pre-Filter every 3-6 months or as per usage. Contact us for more information.
  • UV LED Bulb Replacement
    The VM will display an error message when the UV LED needs to be changed. Contact us for more information.
  • Regular Cleaning
    Clean the outside of the VM with a light detergent. The inside of the device does not require cleaning.