Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing a Violett unit. We are excited to help you provide clean, safe air to those you care about most. We strive to make sure every customer has a seamless setup and usage experience so we’ve prepared the guide below to familiarize you with installing and replacing the filters on your Violett unit.

Step 1: Install the Filters

Fig. 1
Ensure the Violett unit is not plugged into a wall outlet and is completely unpowered.
Grasp the top grate and firmly pull straight up, away from the unit housing (Fig.1).
Remove the activated carbon filter and set aside.
Fig. 2
Lift the HEPA filter straight up out of the body of the unit (Fig.3). You may need to shift the filter from side to side to not dislodge the black jacketed wire assembly during removal.
Slip the nanofilter sock over the HEPA filter and place the filter back in the assembly narrow side down.
NOTE: the HEPA filter assembly depresses a safety switch on the bottom of the unit. Please make sure the HEPA filter is properly installed or the unit will not turn on.
Fig. 4
Lightly place the activated carbon filter on top of the HEPA filter. (Fig.4). If the HEPA filter pleats are visible remove the activated carbon filter and reset its position.
Fig. 5
Replace the top grate, pushing firmly to ensure a tight fit (Fig.5).
*Note: There is a safety switch that will not allow the unit to power up if the top grate is removed. Ensure the component is fully seated into its original position.
Plug in your Violett unit!

Step 2: Set up your dashboard

The integrated sensors in your Violett unit ambiently gather data about the environment including airborne particulate count, temperature, and humidity. By connecting your unit to WiFi and adding it to your Violett Dashboard you can analyze trends in data gathered from your space and remotely control your device. If you have any questions about the setup process, send us a message, we'd love to help you.

Please move within 10 feet of your device before following the setup steps below.

Add Device in the Violett Dashboard

Navigate to on Microsoft Edge or Chrome
Create a new user account or log in to existing account.
Click the “Add device” button in the dashboard homepage.
Add additional devices via the management page.

Follow the set up wizard

The setup wizard will prompt you to put your device into Wi-Fi pairing mode.

Step 3: Set up your device

Use the middle button to enter Wi-Fi pairing screen

Tap the middle info button on the device to cycle through unit status displays until you see the Wi-Fi status screen.

Start Wi-Fi Pairing from your Violett Unit (1/2)

Once the Wi-Fi screen is displayed hold the center button for 5 seconds to place the device into pairing mode.

Start Wi-Fi Pairing from your Violett Unit (2/2)

When the above screen is shown, you can move to your PC for the next step

Step 4: Continue set up on the Violett Dashboard

Start Wi-Fi Pairing from your PC

Once the device is set up, click “next” on the online wizard.

Select your Violett unit to pair

Your computer’s Bluetooth will scan for nearby devices to connect to. Once your device appears in the pairing window select it and push pair.

Input your Wi-Fi information

You will be prompted to select your Wi-Fi network and enter its password.
Select “OK” to continue. The device is now paired to the Wi-Fi network and claimed in your Violett Dashboard.

Name your device

You can name the device, assign it to a physical location on an uploaded map, or save it without a location.

Set up a location for your device (Optional)

You can name the device, assign it to a physical location on an uploaded map, or save it without a location.

Unit Specifications

37.75” Height x 10.5” Diameter
Weight: 36 lbs
UVC light: High intensity LEDs
Room size coverage: 800 sq ft in 30 minutes
Length of power cord: 3 ft
On ‘high’ fan speed:
Cubic feet/minute: 225 CFM
Noise level: 65 dB
Power consumption: 150 W
Pleated H13 HEPA filter
Activated carbon pre-filter (VOC removal)
Nanotechnology odor removing filter
Please contact us if you need help, or have any questions about the setup process. We'd love to hear from you.