"I urge you to discover the transformative power of Violett's air disinfection science. With 30 years of healthcare expertise, I have not discovered a product with such remarkable ability to safeguard against pathogens, eliminate odors, and create a clean, safe, environment for residents, staff, and guests."

Terry Myers | Campus Administrator, Sharon Care (WA)


"We've experienced unparalleled cleanliness and peace of mind as we've integrated Violett's air disinfection units seamlessly into our high-traffic areas. The Violett units impress with their performance and versatility, their portability being a game-changer in swiftly adapting to dynamic environments."

Brady Waldroff | Executive Director, Rose Linn Center (OR)


"Violett's medical grade air disinfection truly halts the spread of COVID-19, keeps the air pollutants and particulates to a minimum no matter the size, and whisks away odors, leaving the space clean for residents, staff, and guests."

Jennifer Fortner | Nursing Director, Parkside Homes (KS)

Emerald Heights

"Violett is effective in our Infection Control measures and battling difficult odors..."

- Annie Zell
Health Services Administrator
The Hearthstone at Green Lake

"Violett removed the smoke and fire extinguisher chemicals within a day."

- Tim Alton
Director of Facilities and Operations
Special Olympics WA

"Violett helped us go the extra mile to ensure that our guests felt comfortable gathering in person..."‍

- Emma Kitnick
Special Events Manager
Parkview Services

"Violett provided our community with peace of mind that we are keeping them safe and healthy."

- Zach St. John
Community Engagement Director
Garden Village

"We immediately noticed a reduction in offensive odors, as well as fewer cold and flu infections"

- Doug Balt
FMR Executive Director