Take control of your air.

Breathing clean air has a bigger impact on your health than you’d think.

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Hospital Grade Technology

Violett not only filters air, it disinfects.

The test results are in! Our proprietary combination of UVC light, Violett vortex technology and HEPA filtration killed more than 99.9999% of Covid-19 surrogate virus MS2 in 30 minutes during 3rd party testing.

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Air quality sensing

See what’s actually in your air

With Violett’s web dashboard and precision sensors, you can monitor your space, room by room, in real-time. Now you know your air is safe to breath.

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People first

Positively impacting as many lives as possible.

Elder Care and Healthcare need the cleanest air to keep their patients and residents safe, which is why Violett is doing our best to help the most vulnerable.

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trusted partners
Special Olympics WA

"Violett helped us go the extra mile to ensure that our guests felt comfortable gathering in person"‍

- Emma Kitnick
Special Events Manager
Parkview Services

"Violett provided our community with peace of mind that we are keeping them safe and healthy."

- Zach St. John
Community Engagement Director
Garden Village

"We immediately noticed a reduction in offensive odors, as well as fewer cold and flu infections"

- Doug Balt
FMR Executive Director