Hospital-grade air disinfection at a fraction of the cost.

UVC light kills every known pathogen including viruses, bacteria, mold, and protozoans. But not instantly.  Our patent-pending UVC vortexTM technology holds airborne viruses and germs in our UVC light chamber for longer than other competitive products, allowing for rapid air sterilization.


Air entry

Air enters from the top of our unit – closer to air people are breathing and away from dust and debris on the floor.


Air quality sensing

Real-time air quality data is sent to you from your Violett device every second.


VOC removal

An Activated Carbon pre-filter eliminates large particulate and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air.



A HEPA-13 filter captures particulate and many of the airborne viruses and other pollutants.


Advanced odor-removal

A nanotechnology solution on a 3rd filter binds and eliminates odor-causing gasses. The nanotechnology also effectively kills germs that make it through the HEPA filter.


UVC light bomb

Air enters our patent-pending UVC vortexTM chamber with high intensity UVC light. The vortex air flow maximizes the time airborne pollutants are dosed with UVC light, and peak UVC intensity and reflectivity allow for rapid air sterilization.


Air exit

Clean air exits from a 360 degree outlet at the base of the unit, ensuring proper whole-room coverage.