Air Quality Sensing

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Continuous data monitoring

Air, apparent

Now you can see the air quality in your space. Ensure a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your loved ones, all through the Violett dashboard.

Powerful data analysis

Empow(air)ed data

See real-time air quality changes and gain valuable insights into the quality of the air in your space over time, all through the Violett dashboard’s extensive data analytics section. 

device management

Room specific control

Incorporate the floor plan of your space into the Violett device management section to see air quality, room by room, in real time. 

trusted partners
Special Olympics WA

"Violett helped us go the extra mile to ensure that our guests felt comfortable gathering in person"‍

- Emma Kitnick
Special Events Manager
Parkview Services

"Violett provided our community with peace of mind that we are keeping them safe and healthy."

- Zach St. John
Community Engagement Director
Garden Village

"We immediately noticed a reduction in offensive odors, as well as fewer cold and flu infections"

- Doug Balt
FMR Executive Director