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The story behind Violett

Violett co-founder Branden Doyle was working for the U.S. Department of Defense as a nuclear engineer and technology leader when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. He led a team of engineers and scientists to determine the best available solutions to keep critical workers safe, especially in small compartments with poor ventilation on aircraft carriers and submarines. After months of testing existing solutions in Navy labs on live germs, the team determined current solutions did not work well enough to keep these critical government and military workers safe. The UVC light solutions that were tested worked well and killed all known germs, but required the germs to remain in the UVC light for a period of time to be properly ‘dosed’ and eliminated.

Our Story

All air handling solutions that utilized UVC light did not provide enough time to kill the germs in the air and prevent disease transmission between people in shared spaces. Branden founded Violett to solve these gaps in existing technology. Violett’s product maximizes residence time of viruses and other airborne germs inside a high intensity UVC light chamber, allowing for the UVC dose that all other products could not achieve. UVC light remains inside the Violett device and UVC losses are minimized, which enables the vision of truly healthy indoor environments where people can safely interact. Violett’s growing team is driven to establish an indoor air quality standard for the world!

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